Welcome To The Parasol Foundation Trust

    The Parasol Foundation Trust, formerly known as The Bonita Trust, is a philanthropic trust established under Gibraltar law in 2004, with its vision to help communities address some of the important health and education challenges facing them, leveraging cutting edge technologies and Internet-based solutions. Since its inception The Trust has committed over £20 million pounds to both communal based and cross-border projects in the areas of health, medical research, human community services, education, culture and heritage, female entrepreneurship and disaster relief.

    Ruth Parasol, the principal benefactor and founding member of The Trust's International Advisory Board says: “We are inspired to provide education to the underprivileged and believe that it plays a vital part in the improvement and prosperity of the communities. By helping out one person to become financially self sustained, we are helping out the entire family and creating better future for the next generation. Good education combined with financial independence and stability adds to the economy and advancement of the communities.”

    Project Overview